Ludford Road is a registered residential care home in Bartley Green. We provide a high level of support for up to seven adults who are experiencing mental health problems. Here we can help people who have more complex mental health needs, including people with dual diagnoses. People who come to stay at Ludford Road may still be experiencing quite difficult mental health problems. Our staff are trained and prepared to support our residents through challenging periods of mental health. We can give residents intensive one-to-one support and specialised care whenever needed.

Our aim is to support residents as much as possible within the home and to try to prevent readmissions to hospital. However we do also encourage our residents to improve their domestic and social skills and will fully support anyone who wants to move into more independent accommodation. We have staff here 24/7, at least two members of staff during the day and one staying in the home throughout the night, so that we can ensure our residents have the level of support they need at all times. We can increase staffing levels whenever we feel our residents need extra support, although we do not provide nursing care.

Ludford Road is in Bartley Green. You can get to us easily on the 22 or 23 bus routes. We are just across the road from some shops, and where we are there is also a post office, chemist, pubs, a nature reserve, churches and more shops just a little further away. There is a large medical practice within walking distance from the home.