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Can you be there for someone in need?

Our Helpline relies on the support of volunteers.

We currently receive over 500 calls each week, from local residents needing to speak with compassionate people, by becoming a Helpline volunteer you can change the course of someone’s life. 

Is volunteering is right for you?

You don’t need to have any call handling experience as you’ll receive full training to prepare you for the kinds of conversations you’ll have.

We welcome volunteers with lived mental health experience and all we ask is that you commit to weekly volunteering with us, as our volunteers work alongside our staff on a rota.

You’ll gain a range of new skills and the confidence to use them, including the ability to understand people and manage difficult conversations. Many employers value these kinds of skills.

What it’s like being a volunteer?

Every day is different and varied. You’ll be an integral part of the Helpline Team and will work alongside a staff member on each shift – you will never be alone.

You’ll attend team meetings and regular supervisions. You’ll also receive any out of pocket expenses for travel.