Our work with Schools, Colleges and Universities

We are very proud to have developed relationship with a number of schools, colleges and universities in Birmingham and surrounding areas, as we know how important clear accessible information about maintaining Wellbeing, building resilience and coping with Mental Health problems is for young people. Recent statistics suggest that 75% of adults with Mental Health Problems started to become unwell before they were 18 (BBC report 17th March, on Government Task Force review of Child & Adolescent Mental Health services – CAMHS).

What we offer

We offer a range of different training courses and workshops and we are working with a growing number of schools, colleges and universities on specific areas around Mental Health, that have led to new sessions being developed.

Birmingham Mind is able to provide Mental Health Awareness training sessions to different numbers of people, ranging from pupils, by class, year group or the whole school. We can also deliver sessions just for staff.

As an example, please see below some of our most recently delivered sessions

  • One day Mental Health Awareness & Wellbeing course, for Year 7 teaching and non-teaching staff.
  • One hour session for Year 9 pupils on Anxiety and Exam stress.
  • One hour session for school teachers on the general area of Anxiety.
  • A Mental Health Awareness workshop, which we have delivered to students in schools and colleges. (This can be adapted in terms of how long it takes, but has tended to be either an hour or an hour and a half in length but could easily be turned into a half-day session. This workshop wherever possible has a member of the training team delivering it, who has personal experience of severe mental health issues and this has proven to be a very successful way of getting messages across from the feedback we have received from both students and teachers who’ve taken part)

Birmingham Mind is able to provide training that suits the budget and time of the school and we will work with you to deliver what is the most appropriate training for your needs.

How much does it cost?

We don’t receive any funding to deliver training or workshops so we do have to charge organisations for this, with our guideline prices starting at

  • £150 for an hour/ 2 hour session and
  • £650 for a whole day of training.

These are guide prices though, in the same way that we are facing huge financial pressures in terms of possible funding cuts we appreciate most other areas are to, so we are happy to talk about this and have been able to agree things like providing information stalls or taster sessions for free if they are connected to agreement for paid work – we’re very flexible!  

If you would like to know more about the training we provide to schools, colleges and universities , then please use our contact us form or you can you email Mike Jeffries, our Training Manager at Training@birminghammind.org

Who have we worked with

We are proud to have already worked and continue to work with the following schools, colleges and universities, some of whom have kindly raised funds for Birmingham Mind, so that we can continue to carry on with the work that we do.

 What do people think?

We are always pleased to receive feedback from the schools, colleges and universities we visits, below are some quotes from some of the children we have delivered training to

I think it should have been longer because I wanted to hear more about what they had to say

It was really great and I really enjoyed it

They gave a light hearted but truthful approach to the topic and showed a very real point of view for people dealing with voices in their head

Very interesting and gave everyone a clear understanding on mental health issues

I wish we had more time to go into more detail on different mental illnesses

One of the best presentations, I particularly enjoyed that we were able to ask someone that had been through it questions about mental illnesses

I have learnt a lot from this session and I personally thought it was extremely brave of Darren to share his own problem

I learnt a lot about coping strategies which was interesting

It made me feel really emotional hearing about other people’s experiences

My favourite. I learnt a lot from this session