Service User Involvement

How can a service user get involved in Birmingham Mind?

Local Improving Mind Groups

Our Local Improving Mind Groups aim to do exactly as its name says – it is an open forum for anyone who receives support from any of Birmingham Mind’s services. Each service host their group once a month. This is an opportunity for anyone using that service to raise any issues, ideas or concerns that you may have about how the service which you use or how Birmingham Mind in general is run.

The agenda for the meeting is set by a Facilitator beforehand, but you are very welcome to contact us if you wish to add a point yourself and you can also simply raise any additional points during the meeting.

Average attendance at the meetings is normally around 15-20 people. We would welcome anybody who wishes to join us at these meetings.

Who can attend?

Any of you! This group is open to absolutely anybody who receives support from one or more of our services. It doesn’t matter whether you only go to a drop-in session once a month or if you see a support worker every day, you would be completely welcome to attend the Improving Mind group for your service.

Birmingham Mind will ensure that there are always one or two staff members present, both to help ensure that the meeting runs relatively smoothly and to answer questions and give information to the group. A Facilitator will always attend the meetings, to take the notes.

To find out when the Improving Mind meetings are held for your service, please ask a member of staff.

Joint Advisory Groups

The Joint Advisory Groups meet once every 1 or 2 months and are made up of 50% staff and 50% service users. It works as a partnership to make service improvements. Service users are offered a monetary allowance for their time, plus any travel expenses.

You would need to be elected to this group by the Improving Mind group membership

Central Improving Mind Group (CIM) BeFunky Collage

The Central Improving Mind Group (Formerly known as the Task Group) commenced in January 2012 after detailed discussions with the Improving Mind group.

Members of the group undertake a more detailed consultation of Birmingham Minds’ policies and procedures, surveys and events, that maybe not be everybody’s cup of tea!

As it is a working group it has a closed membership but the group is does have a process that allows new members to put themselves forward for election each year.

Service users are given an allowance for their time plus travel expenses. (The pictures above are taken from our celebration event in July 2016)

Being a Service User Representative on Birmingham Mind’s Committees

Birmingham Mind has in recent years changed the structure of how it is run (this is sometimes called the Governance structure).

As part of this change Birmingham Mind has worked to ensure that there are service user representatives on each of the Committees.

The Committees are:

  • Executive Committee
  • Finance and General Purposes Committee
  • Clinical Governance Committee
  • Health and Safety Committee

If you would like to find out more about becoming a service user representative on one of these committees, please contact the Service User Involvement Facilitator.

Service users are paid an allowance to be a Committee Member plus travel expenses.

There are many other ways you can get involved

  • Take part in interviews for new staff (training is available to support you to do this), this is paid involvement work.
  • Take part in quality standard meetings.  This is paid involvement work.
  • Attend tenants, residents or members meetings, to get involved in the service you get support from.
  • Attend working groups that meet to complete a task.  This is paid involvement work
  • Join the “Working Together Service User Induction Group”, which meets new members of Birmingham Mind staff, to tell them about user involvement opportunities. This is paid involvement work.

Each year we distribute and circulate a service user survey, to receive feedback across a number of areas. This is usually circulate during the summer months.  Follow the link for the Results of our Service User Survey 2018

To find out more about our Service User Involvement program, please contact our Service User Involvement Facilitator – Andrew Nicholls on 07734 959 894

For more information, you can also download our Service User Involvement Poster