Sycamore Lodge is a registered residential care home in Erdington. We provide a medium level of support for adults who are experiencing mental health problems and we have rooms for up to 13 people. We have staff here 24 hours a day, so there is always someone around to help whenever needed. But we also encourage residents to do as much as they can by themselves, including essential routine tasks such as cooking, shopping and laundry.

Ten of our rooms are designed for people who need a relatively high level of support from staff. Unfortunately only three of these are on the ground floor, which means that Sycamore Lodge is more suitable for people who are reasonably physically able. We also have three rooms on the top floor for people who would still like some support but who wish to live more independently. Residents in these rooms have access to their own kitchens and can cook for themselves all the time. The aim is that living in these flats would help the residents gain the confidence they need to move into their own accommodation, with a more floating style of support.