Independent Mental Health Advocate (IMHA)

You have a right to an IMHA if you are being treated under the Mental Health Act.  This includes hospital patients detained under the Mental Health Act, or in the community under a Community Treatment Order (CTO)/Guardianship.

The IMHA is independent advocate that is not employed by the NHS/Private Healthcare provider and can support you in a number of ways :

  • Understand your rights under the Act
  • Understand the reasons for your detention
  • Support at Ward Rounds
  • Understand the medical treatment you are being given.
  • Support you to appeal the Section
  • Prepare for meeting such as Tribunals, Hospital Manager’s Meeting and CPA’s
  • Support you to raise concerns about your care and treatment.


How do I get Support?

You can ask either ask hospital staff to make a referral for you or you can contact the relevant organisation and make the referral yourself.

You will usually be asked for your name, the name of the hospital and the ward you are on and a contact number.  The IMHA has the right to access hospitals and wards so that they can visit patients.  If you are on a Community Treatment order, you will be asked for the address you are staying at.

You may also be asked what support you need, this helps the advocate to prepare and they can discuss the issue further with you when you meet.

Useful Contacts

Pohwer Advocacy

Pohwer provide the IMHA service to people detained in hospitals in Birmingham or are living in Birmingham ( CTO)

Contact number: 0300 456 2370