Mental Health First Aid Courses

The aim of these courses is to give everyone the knowledge and confidence to recognise signs of mental health problems, encourage someone to seek the right help, and to reduce the stigma around mental illness.

MHFA is an international training programme, now being delivered in 23 countries around the world. We have a number of highly trained instructors all approved to deliver MHFA courses.

We offer MHFA courses at venues across Birmingham. Places on the One Day and Two-Day ADULT courses and YOUTH MHFA course cost £175 for each delegate.

ADULT – ONE DAY COURSE – Line Managers Course

The one day mental health awareness and skills course qualifies you as an Adult MHFA Champion and costs £110 per delegate (plus fees)

MHFA Champions have:

  • An understanding of common mental health issues
  • Knowledge and confidence to advocate for mental health awareness
  • Ability to spot signs of mental ill health
  • Skills to support positive wellbeing

We’re currently hosting open courses to all members of the public on the following date

  • Wednesday 19th September 2018 – FULLY BOOKED
  • **New Course** – Tuesday 4th December 2018


The Adult Mental Health First Aid course is a 2 day course for:

  • Any adult (16+) who wishes to learn more about mental health issues
  • People who, on a personal level, are supporting those with mental health needs
  • People who, in the course of their work, are supporting those with mental health needs
  • Anybody working in the field of mental health

The course will teach you to:


  • Spot the early signs of a mental health problem
  • Feel confident helping someone experiencing a problem
  • Provide help on a first aid basis
  • Help prevent someone from hurting themselves or others
  • Help stop a mental illness from getting worse
  • Help someone recover faster
  • Guide someone towards the right support
  • Reduce the stigma of mental health problems

We’re currently hosting open courses to all members of the public on the following dates.

  • Wednesday 12th & Thursday 13th September 2018
  • Monday 1st & Tuesday 2nd October 2018
  • Tuesday 20th & Wednesday 21st November 2018

You can book your place on the above courses clicking here

We can also provide the MHFA Adult course in your workplace, for a minimum of 8 people. If you’d like to know more about this course, please email our Training Department or call us on 0121 608 8001.


As with the adult course, the YOUTH MHFA course is a two day course, but specifically designed for people who care, support and teach 8-18 year olds, specifically looking at identifying and support mental issues, within children and young adults.

We currently hosting 2 open access courses for ideal, for adults working in nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. This course is also ideal for child care practitioners or anyone whose role is primarily with children.

Our 2018 dates for this course are:

  • Monday 17th and Tuesday 18th September 
  • Wednesday 7th & Thursday 8th November 

You can book your place on the course clicking here


We can also provide the MHFA ADULT and YOUTH Half Day courses – these are an introductory 4 hour course which will enable you to:

  • Gain a wider understanding of some issues surrounding mental health
  • Gain a greater understanding of how mental health affects business
  • Work more effectively with people experiencing mental health problems.

We provide the MHFA Half Day courses in your workplace, with a minimum of 8 delegates. To discuss this in more detail please email our Training Department with any specific inquiries or requirements.