Long Term Conditions Programme

Reena Kenth is the Resilience Coordinator for the Birmingham based Long Term Conditions Programme, a new and exciting programme that is funded by the Department of Health and delivered across the city 5 days a week.

This course is designed to involve people over the age of 18 who have been diagnosed with diabetes or heart conditions. The main aims of the course are as follows:

  • Highlight the importance of ‘me time’ and introduce a range of relaxation methods

  • To help people compassionately accept their condition

  • Promote wellbeing and increase confidence

  • Assist in planning wellbeing for the future to empower people

  • Challenge negative thoughts and behaviours

If you’re interested in joining the course then please contact ReenaKenth@birminghammind.org

In August 2015, we received our interim report into the Emotional Resilience Model we have been piloting with people with Long Term Conditions (Heart disease, diabetes and now arthritis). The programme is designed to support people to deal emotionally with their LTC and to enable them to continue to be active, connect with others etc. It is designed for people who are in an “at risk” group rather than those who have mental health issues already. It has been developed by National Mind.

Although it is still small numbers we are really pleased that the outcome is so positive with all participants improving from baseline and that this is sustained at the 3 month mark after the course.

We have had brilliant feedback from people and some have then gone on to set up peer support groups after our programme has finished. A couple of people are also interested in becoming future trainers on the programme as well.

It is looking like Mind has developed an Emotional Resilience Programme which is accessible, produces sustained behaviour change and is enjoyable!

The Interim report can be downloaded here Summary evaluation of the Mind resilience programme for people with long…