Birmingham Mind’s new  “Values into Action”

 At the Trustee Away day in 2017 it was agreed that a formal review should be undertaken of our Vision Statement and our Values. So over the last 18 months we have undertaken a comprehensive engagement exercise with our staff, the people that use our services and those that volunteer with us.

It was clear that our Vision statement didn’t reflect the breadth of services Birmingham Mind now offers and nor was it focused enough on the impact Birmingham Mind wants to make.

We are delighted to announce that we now have a new vision and a revised set of Values.

Our new Vision is

“Better Mental Health for All”

Our new Values are:

  • Respect: Respect for the individual
  • Partnerships: By working together we are more effective and inclusive
  • Recovery: enabling each individual’s unique and personal recovery journey wherever and whenever we can
  • Wellbeing: Actively working to educate and encourage people to look after their mental, emotional and physical wellbeing.
  • Prevention: building resilience and challenging stigma in and across communities

From September each 3 month period will be allocated one of Birmingham minds new Values and each service will come up with a creative way of demonstrating how they meet that value. We will use social media to help showcase these acitivites and we will hold a large wrap up event at the end of 2019

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