Mind Wellbeing Hub Evaluation Report

Here at Birmingham Mind, we have been able to reflect on what has been an excellent period for our Wellbeing Hub, that launched with enthusiasm back in March 2016. An independent report from Merida has examined the Hub’s performance, which we believe has been a key success in providing an essential prevention pathway, ensuring that patients are able to “access help early on which may later prevent the need for them to access secondary care mental health services”.

Our team at the Wellbeing Hub have been able to provide a new approach for Birmingham CrossCity CCG to working with patients experiencing stress, anxiety or depression and who are not under the care of specialist mental health services. The service has been run by Birmingham Mind covering the 100 or so GP practices in the CrossCity area, acting as a single access route into community services as part of a Transformation Strategy.

Please take a look at the following report on our Wellbeing Hub, which provides a detailed overview of the efforts that have gone into providing sustainable, preventative services that both promote recovery for patients experiencing mental ill health and support the wellbeing of patients who may be at risk of developing mental illness.

Download the report here:

Mind Wellbeing Hub Evaluation Report (Merida) August 2017 FINAL

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