Axa Insurance Transform Beechroft Garden

A massive thank you is needed to the wonderful team from AXA Insurance, who volunteered their day to give Beechcroft Centre’s garden a massive overhaul. The space has been completely transformed and service users are now enjoying the sights of a beautifully cared for area, which everyone at AXA who helped in creating can be extremely proud of.

On behalf of Birmingham Mind, we thank AXA Insurance again for sparing their time in helping achieve so much with Beechroft’s garden and we are honoured to show off the results of all their hard work!

Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance2 Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance3 Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance4 Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance-Garden1 Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance-Garden2 Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance-Garden3 Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance-Garden4 Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance-Garden5 Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance-Garden6 Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance-Garden7 Beechcroft-Garden-AXA-Insurance-Garden8

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