A Statement from Birmingham Mind – Black Lives Matter

Last week we witnessed the funeral of George Floyd in Houston, evidencing the shockwave his death has had across the world.

Birmingham Mind unites with the world to show that Black Lives Matter and black mental health matters. We are dedicated to tackling institutional racism and in particular we strive to ensure equality throughout the mental health sector.

In mental health, as in other areas of life, there is a huge disparity in how black people are listened to and supported at every level. Statistics from Mind show that people from black and minority ethnic (BAME) groups living in the UK are more likely to:

  • be diagnosed with mental health problems
  • be diagnosed and admitted to hospital
  • experience a poor outcome from treatment
  • disengage from mainstream mental health services, leading to social exclusion and a deterioration in their mental health.

Under the outdated Mental Health Act, Black people are more likely to be compulsorily admitted for treatment, more likely to be on a medium or high secure ward and more likely to be subject to seclusion or restrain.

We know from our work within our Community Development Team that many BAME groups and individuals feel excluded and not given sufficient information in appropriate languages about mental health and more recently Covid 19, further pushing people away.

We are already working to make sure that everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets the support and respect they deserve, but we will do more and will work with people and communities to redesign our services and our society.