Esteem Team

The Esteem Team is part of the Edgbaston Wellbeing Hub offering support to individuals  Wellbeing Hubresiding in the Edgbaston area.

The service aims to support individuals who have a range of health, social, emotional and psychological needs.  We particularly want to improve support links with individuals that may be disadvantaged, or hard to reach, to improve their physical & mental wellbeing.

The Hub is designed for people of all ages to access first line interventions and is for those who suffer from issues such as low mood, relationship difficulties, psychological trauma and long-term physical and mental health conditions.

The Esteem Team as part of the Edgbaston Wellbeing Hub offers support in the following areas:

  • Promoting independence
  • Support and signposting to access specialist services
  • Enhancing physical, emotional and mental wellbeing
  • Self-help resources
  • Practical encouragement in the community

 Referral & Assessment

To access this service you need to be registered with one of the 6 GP practices in Edgbaston.

The participating surgeries are:

  • Karis Medical Centre
  • Bath Row Medical Practice
  • Bellevue
  • Bournbrook Varsity
  • Harborne Medical Practice
  • The Wand

You can either

  • Contact your GP (If it’s listed above)
  • Or call the Edgbaston Wellbeing Hub on 0121 663 0904

If you would like to find out more information about the Edgbaston Wellbeing Hub, you can read more about the project on their website or watch their promotional video.